Cooking Tuscan Style

by admin on November 5, 2011

October 20

The joy of cooking in each region is both memorable and educational.  Meeting new people joined by a common interest of learning about local and fresh ingredients guided by an expert chef is a wonderful way to dig deeper into the culture and traditions.  We joined 6 other people for a half day of cooking with chef Maurizio at a villa just 15 minutes from Florence.  The class was very “hand’s on” and soon after arriving with a welcome cappucino, we pushed up our sleeves and had the experiences of making pasta, gnocci (complete with pealing and ricing the potatoes, making sauces, involtini and more.  You can attend single day, multiple days or week long classes and even stay at the villa.  Let me know if you want to learn more!

Menu for the half day cooking class

Making pasta using "00" flour and eggs

Rolling out the dough for Ravioli - It takes two!

Filling Ravioli

Involtini - rolls or "little bundles" with veal, proscuitto & cheese

Our Chef presenting dessert

New culinary friends

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