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How Designing Italy Works - Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does working with an Italian Travel Specialist differ from using a traditional travel agent?

Different from a traditional travel agent, Ginger dedicates herself only to Italy.  She knows her travel partners personally, from property owners and sommeliers, to Italian chefs, private tour operators, and drivers.  Her relationship management process makes her stand out from other travel resources.

"I've worked with a travel agent but not anywhere near to this level. Ginger's services are way, way beyond what I would consider 'typical' for a travel agent."  Brian

"Ginger, I know we haven't gone yet, but I have to tell you this is the coolest way to set up a trip I could imagine."  Darrell

  What is included in your service fee?

You will receive a quote based on the scope of your travel needs and areas of support. A summary is provided on services which can include the following:

Customized questionnaire

Working calendar to use as a visual document for planning days and activities.

Hotel recommendations for each base location and final booking of lodging.

Recommendations for day activities based on your interests.

Booking of custom tours as requested.

General Information on base areas and restaurant recommendations.

Final itinerary with all contact information and associated pricing for lodging and/or custom tours.

Debriefing your trip upon your return.

Do you make airline reservations?

Booking of Airline reservations are your responsibility. I am happy to coach you on the best arrival & departure cities based on what you want to experience or best places to start and end your itinerary and advise you on best times to travel to Italy.

Do you recommend and book hotels?

Yes. You will receive hotel recommendations and upon your approval bookings will be made. All information will be on your final itinerary to take to Italy.

Note: We do not work with brokers or consolidators but instead work directly with hotels for best service.

Do you arrange private tours or things like cooking classes?

Absolutely! One of my specialties is to connect my clients with my hosts living in Italy. Whether it is a private tour of the fountains in Rome, the Sistine Chapel, a private cooking class, guided wine tour with a sommelier, hot air balloon ride over Tuscany or hiking in the Cinque Terre, just ask!

How difficult is it to drive in Italy?

It really isn’t too difficult as long as you have a good map and an alert navigator. I recommend an orientation to the road signs in Italy which you can access before you go. Italians do drive aggressively, but predictably. Driving gives you so much flexibility to visit the small hilltowns that do not have access by trains and it gives you the ability to move at your own pace. I do not recommend driving in major cities, at least your first time.  You can use your portable GPS in Italy by adding the Europe edition.

Do I need a special driver's license for Italy?

Yes, Italy require you to have an International Driver's Permit.  You can easily obtain one through AAA. 

What side of the road do you drive in Italy?

The same side as in the U.S. however Italians use every piece of road possible.

Can I rent an auto with automatic transmission?

Yes, but it will be substantially more expensive. They are also fewer in supply so I recommend reserving early.

What if I don't want to drive but want to see the countryside?

I have great resources for private drivers/guides.  You can sit back and enjoy the countryside and know you will have a personalized and memorable experience.

Do you do travel services for trips other than to Italy?

No, Italy is my passion and where my personal experience, resources and contacts are focused. Specializing on Italy only allows full focus on everything Italian.