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Private Villa, Farmhouse & Apartment Rentals

Restored farmhouse in Umbria, Italy

If you want to have a base from which to explore a region, town or city, renting in Italy may be the perfect option for you. Italian Travel Specialist, Ginger Pozzini will support you in designing your Italian adventure and assist you in matching the accommodation to the activities and region(s) you most want to experience. Ginger will save you hours of research and you will be thrilled with the results.

Why rent in Italy?

Renting in Italy can be in the shape of a villa, restored farmhouse or apartment. It can be in the countryside or in the city. Renting opens up a whole new array of possibilities allowing you to immerse yourself into the culture and countryside. When you unpack your bags and base yourself for a week or more you will see Italy through a totally different lens. You have the opportunity to experience the Italian rhythm of life and what many call, "La Dolce Vita"…the sweet life.

What are the benefits to renting in Italy?

Weekly or monthly rental gives you

  • A base from which to explore a city or region more fully.

  • A place where you can unpack your bags for a minimum of seven days.

  • Flexibility and cost savings with meals and lodging.

  • Additional room to spread out and relax after a day of exploring.

  • A vehicle to help you get into the Italian rhythm of life.

When should I start looking for a villa, farmhouse or apartment?

If you want to have the best choices available to you for renting, it is highly recommended to plan 6-12 + months ahead of your departure date. Booking your rental early ensures you greater selection and provides your base from which to further plan your daily activities.

Do I need a car?

If you are staying in the countryside, you will need a car. This allows for the ultimate in independent travel and the ability to visit remote hilltowns and villages not always accessible by train. The exception is if you stay in a city or town center with good train and/or bus access.

What are the costs?

The cost of the rental property will vary based on the location, size, amenities, furnishings and services.  Often the prices will be better than hotels per night especially when sharing costs with several people and having the flexibility to cook some meals.

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