Days in Positano

Took time to adjust to jet lag and walked the town of Positano.  The bright sun, beautiful blue sky and sea have a serene effect and makes you want to stay forever.   Walking is the only way to see the town and be advised not to have too much luggage!  There is a good range of properties from B&B’s to 5 star properties, some with lift and others without but no matter what you walk everywhere.  Plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views.  Our hotel was on the top of the hillside and had beautiful views.  Always get a place with views. It is well worth the splurge.

Wonderful seafood and had my favorite Zuppa di Cozze pictured below.

Jet lag day in Positano.
Lovely hotel in Positano with views!
Streets of Positano - either up or down!
Mussel soup
Zuppa ala Cozze
Mixed vegetables of eggplant and roasted red peppers
Full Moon from Positano Hotel

Positano Italy – First stop

Arriving at Naples airport is a convenient port of entry for visiting the Amalfi Coast.  Our private driver Alfonso navigated with the ease of a local and gave us an education of the land keeping us awake to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  The views are amazing and much easier to enjoy when you have someone else driving the winding roads with switchback turns.  The hillsides are covered with sheer rocks and terraced lemon and olive groves.  It is the season for harvesting olives and we could see the setting of nets below the trees.  Alfonzo said the picking is still done by hand and the window of time is only 10 hours from picking to crushing to get the best extra virgin oil.  The weather is amazing and the warmest it has been in October for 125 years.

View of Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Designing Italy by Ginger -A journey though Italy Fall 2011

Leaving today for a one month journey through Italy visiting my valued vendors, inspecting properties and uncovering new gems for designing customized itineraries for Italy.  1st stop Naples with a private transfer with my great drivers to Positano along the Amalfi Coast.  First big event will be a cooking class with the famous Mamma Agata and daughter Chiara Lima at Mamma Agata’s Hidden Treasure in Ravello.  I look forward to sharing many amazing places and people with you over the next 30 days.