Designing Italy
How Designing Italy Works - Why hire an Italian Travel Specialist?
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Why hire an Italian Travel Specialist?

Just as a tennis player, golfer, or other sports player benefits from the talent, knowledge, and guidance of a coach, so do individuals with a desire to have the best Italian travel experience benefit from Ginger's unique process of Italian Travel Planning. 

Ginger is a trained Business Coach who saw a need to support travelers who had a gap between deciding to go on a trip to Italy and creating the experience the traveler most wanted to have on their Italian adventure. "Most people work with a travel agent or go on the Internet to book flights and hotels but then are faced with the arduous and overwhelming task of figuring out what to do once they get there" says Ginger. "The people I work with have a general or sometimes specific plan of where they want to go and what they want to experience but may be lacking a sense of timing, geography and understanding of the overall rhythm of Italian life".

Ginger always begins with questions to learn the desired travel pace and the experiences each traveler most wants to realize. She then guides and supports the traveler in building a working itinerary by providing suggested number of days at each base, recommends lodging and provides resources and knowledge on what not to miss. 

"My role is to fit the trip to the client and help them feel comfortable and prepared for their adventure.  I enjoy introducing activities they may not have even thought were possible such as a half day cooking class or truffle hunt or winery day with one of our sommeliers."

What clients have to say about working with Italian Travel Specialist, Ginger Pozzini

A traditional agent is more focused on the when and where - Ginger also focused on the WHY.  Jim & Suzy
I've worked with a travel agent but not anywhere near to this level. Ginger's services are way, way beyond what I would consider 'typical' for a travel agent.  Brian
Travel agents book travel. Ginger helps you figure out what will be the best options to meet you travel goals. She knows the country and can make great suggestions for things to do and see.  She also has access to tours and properties that the typically travel agent doesn't think about. In the end she puts together a turnkey package that make travel easier. We saved a lot of prep time using Ginger's services.  Bob C.

Who is a good candidate for working with an Italian Travel Specialist?

The people who benefit the most from working with an Italian Travel Specialist are travelers who:
Are looking to partner in building an itinerary with a specialist in independent travel throughout Italy assuring all details & booking are taken care of prior to arrival.

Have dreams of what they want to experience but are at a loss of how to make it happen.

Want to save hundreds of hours to fully research a trip.

Want someone who can guide them on the number of days based on their desired travel pace and budget.

  Desire to immerse themselves in the Italian culture and experience the Italian rhythm of life.

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