Designing Italy
"Ginger helped with transportation, booked us into the same Tuscan inn as our friends, and offered wonderful sightseeing and dining ideas. The trip was stress-free and we had a ball. We highly recommend Ginger's services to anyone planning a trip to Italy." Deedee & Dan Flores

Customized Group Tours & Itineraries

Designing Italy offers a wide range of services for groups.  Customized itineraries for groups can range from 4 people traveling together to 65 for a family reunion or wedding.  They may include weekly Italian villa rentals as a base or hotels moving about to 3 or more bases to explore different Italian cities and regions. Customized tours can be one day cooking classes, or seven to nine day trips into Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Piedmont, Sicily or any region within Italy designed for your interests and group size.


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