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Testimonials from Custom Group Tour in Tuscany

Testimonials from the Tuscany Troubadours Customized Tour

Fall Tour

"My trip to Italy this past fall was wonderful! Every day was filled
with a new adventure that when combined together, made it the Italian trip I had dreamed of and much more.

We spent two days in Rome where we had personalized tours of the historical buildings, fountains, and piazzas. The remainder of our trip was spent "living" the Italian culture in a beautiful villa in Tuscany. We experienced the perfect mix of time in the city and country as well. Our group truly lived "on top" of the Tuscan sun!

I’m forever grateful to Ginger Pozzini for putting together the perfect trip for us. Ginger customized our trip plans by taking the time to learn about each of us and our desires and goals for our Italian adventure. She carefully put together an itinerary that met each of those needs – every detail was fulfilled beyond my expectations. She offered so much more than a travel agent could and all of it came at a great value to us.

I highly recommend Ginger to anyone desiring a unique and memorable Italian experience." Dawn Erickson, MN

Following are comments from the group during the week at the Villa in Tuscany:

First Impressions

"It’s very rare that something exceeds my expectations. This Villa and it’s setting is far more beautiful than I imagined. The vistas are like a fresco painting that I not only love to look at and appreciate, but one that I can walk into…peaceful, serene, beautiful!"

"What a wonderful experience. To actually get out in the countryside with the locals – eat the food & see the geography. The hosts are great and the villa is to die for!" Linda Lorch, TX

A Sunday Tartufo Festival in Tuscany

"An authentic Italian experience! This small town festival satisfied my need to experience a local delicacy in a friendly setting. The locals were delightful & helpful. They accommodated the group for lunch after hours, helped us understand truffles and even posed for pictures. The fun of winding through the Tuscan countryside to find the town was a key part of the experience."

"It was fun to be the only Americans in this very local Italian setting. The food was incredible and everyone treated us beautifully. I’m thrilled we could add this festival setting to our Tuscan experience."

San Gimignano and Colle Val d'Elsa Experience

"The day was fantastic! We met with local artists for glass etching and mosaics and walked through their workshops. San Gimignano is a beautiful town and our special guide was fantastic too. We had lunch at an agriturismo location that was not open to the public and had a very special family style Italian meal. Many of the group purchased the local olive oil and wine." Paul Pearson, OH

The trip in Review

"My trip to Italy was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! I would rate the trip a 1, and I am a tough grader! It exceeded my expectations time and time again, and that was a real gift. The beauty of the land and the people and its historical richness was truly brought to life in the trip that Ginger (and Rita) organized. We became immersed in the history through guided tours, in the food through personal chefs, in the people through truly "local" experiences. All of this was accomplished in a very well organized and well-paced itinerary and importantly, in the beautiful setting of a Tuscan villa. My expectations were exceeded on a daily basis, and I would highly recommend this experience! Thanks again for a fabulous experience!" Marcia Page, Minnesota

"It was just awesome!!! It was my first ever European trip, so the experience really opened my eyes to a different way of life.
Ginger and Rita did an excellent job of planning the trip and keeping the group going -- all we had to do was show was all done for us." Dawn Erickson, MN

"This was the best trip I have ever had. I’m ready to go back tomorrow!" Linda Lorch, TX

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