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Designing Italy Consultation Services


Perhaps you have your hotels and cities planned but need help with finding the right tours to enhance your experience, or some insider information or have your airfare but need hotels and restaurant recommendations.  Schedule a consultation with Ginger Pozzini, Italian Travel Specialist.  Find out how she can help design your trip of a lifetime.    

An initial consultation fee of $100 is a great way to get expert advice and support for the things you need to round out your trip.  If you choose to expand to our comprehensive or concierge trip planning service, we will give you a quote for our expanded services.

Designing Italy offers consultation services for:

    Creating a calendar that fits your timing and budget

    Planning number of days to spend in each Italian city to see the highlights.

    Recommending a personal guide to bring a historic site or experience to life. 

    Finding the perfect hotel, villa or apartment to live out your Italian Adventure.

    Planning activities for day tours for cruise ship ports within Italy.

    Assessing the areas you want support from itinerary planning, finding the perfect accommodations, things to see and do from each base.

To set up your consultation please fill out our Consultation Survey Form and submit your payment.  You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your personalized consultation call.

* Initial Consultation Call is for 1 hour and in non-refundable. 


  " Ginger,  I know we haven't gone yet, but I have to tell you this is the coolest way to set up a trip I could imagine."  Darrell
"We enjoyed tapping Ginger's knowledge of the region in helping us to decide where to base our hotels, how to plan our days, where to eat dinner that evening, shows , festivals , obtain concert tickets etc."  Dale
“We got to see so much more than had we gone with the package the cruise ship had put together.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone traveling to Italy.  Your services are worth their weight in gold!”  Janice