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    Pool in Umbria


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  • How Designing Italy Works

    Designing Italy delivers the trip of a lifetime to travelers wanting to experience Italy.  Through non-traditional travel guidance and assistance, Italy specialist Ginger Pozzini creates customized itineraries, unique experiences and simple, effective tools to prepare travelers for their adventure. 



  • Resources from an Italian Travel Specialist
    Throughout the years of working as an Italian Travel Specialist I have gathered many great resources to share with my clients. The list is endless and ever evolving.

    Feel free to bookmark this page and check back to see what's new. If you have a resource that was especially helpful to you I'd love to hear about it.

    The Featured Resource is a terrific E-book entitled, "Italy From the Inside". It's a must have for anyone traveling to Italy whether it is your first or tenth trip. Click here to learn more.